Did you know that senior citizens may be eligible for additional funding opportunities when it comes educational programs? Some financial assistance programs consider anyone over 55 as a senior while others view those over 60 as seniors.

It’s never too late to get back in school or learn a new skill. According to records from the National Center for Education Statistics, 41% of students who attended private, for-profit colleges during the fall 2017 were 35 years old or older. About 33% of students who attended private, non-profit schools in the same time frame were aged 35 or older.

Retirement brings new opportunities for passion. Getting a degree online could help you find your way to success. Universities all around the globe offer degrees and certifications in unique areas like floral arrangement and tasting wine. This can allow individuals to turn a hobby into a career. Some universities offer free online classes to seniors.

Interior Design Professional Degree

This internationally acclaimed course will teach you how to plan and manage your own interior design projects. This online course is free and covers everything you’d expect to see in an interior designer. It also covers common design concepts. You will also be taught about floor plans, sections and elevations as well as models, perspective drawings, individual styles, and many other topics. This course will give you a comprehensive overview of interior design and help you achieve all your design goals.

Shaw Academy believes in you being able to make your own decisions about the future. A degree in interior design could be your ticket to a new hobby, or a new career. There is so much you can achieve later on. To be eligible for Shaw Academy, you must be able afford to pay close to $70 per month. This interior design degree is one of the few that are available on the site for free. This diploma takes approximately four weeks to complete. It provides the necessary materials for interior design professionals.

The Science of Compassion

This online course is free for seniors. It explains the biology behind compassion. This course will analyze how compassion manifests in the brain, nervous systems, and heart. Kelly McGonigal, course instructor, leads participants in Heart Breathing for Compassion.

As we age and move on in our lives, we learn more about the importance of compassion for others. It is impossible to know what someone is experiencing. Therefore, making people’s lives as easy as possible and being compassionate is the best thing you can do. LinkedIn Learning’s course on compassion enables us to share the details of compassion by dissecting the biology behind it all. LinkedIn Learning is an educational subscription platform that charges a fee. This usually involves paying a fee to unlock its free online content. Signing up for the site as a new user will get a month free of charge. Students who attend college or universities can also get the free subscription.


What could be more social than a private class at their home in the morning? Adriene, the moderator of this tutorial, has created a global online community with more than 7 million people looking at her free videos. There are over 500 videos she has free of charge and they keep growing.

edX Courses

On the edX website, you can choose from a variety of courses. You can search by type, school, level, subject, or school. There are many options for art courses. If you’re looking for art-related courses, there are 150 available. These include Modern Japanese Architecture from Tokyo Tech and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the 19th Century Orchestra from Harvard, and The Rise of the Superhero: Its Impact on Popular Culture from the Smithsonian. You can usually watch a sample video of the course without having to sign up.


Coursera is an incredible online community that offers a variety of courses free to seniors. Many of the courses are taught by well-known universities like Yale. With so many options, it’s almost certain that you will find something that suits you. Examples of courses offered include Intro to Classical Music and Science of Wellness at Yale University. Intro Psychology at Yale University. Race and Cultural Diversity In American Life and History at The University of Illinois.