Claudio needs to simplify the expression below.3.5*2+9(7.1+0.5)+4Which operation should he perform first?7.1+0.52+93.5+90.5+4

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct option is 1.Step-by-step explanation:The given expression is[tex]3.5\times 2+9(7.1+0.5)+4[/tex]To solve these type of expressions we have a rule that is known as BODMAS.BODMAS = brackets of division, multiplication, addition, subtraction.It defined the order of calculations. It means first we have solve the brackets, then division, then multiplication, after that addition and last subtraction.So according to BODMAS, Claudio should simplify the bracket first.The bracket of given expression is (7.1+0.5).The simplification of given expression is shown below.[tex]3.5\times 2+9(7.6)+4[/tex]               (Brakets)[tex]7+68.4+4[/tex]                                  (Multiplication)[tex]79.4[/tex]                                          (Addition)Therefore he will solve (7.1+0.5) first. So, option 1 is correct.