Three friends own a landscaping business. The number of hours each friend worked on the same project is shown in the table below.Edgar: 17 1/4 hoursKelly: 18 1/4 hoursShawn: 14 1/2In total, they earned $850 for the job. They put 15% of this amount into a joint savings account for future expenses. They then decided the rest of proportionally based on the number of hours worked. How much money did Shawn receive?

Accepted Solution


To find the fraction of the payment owed to Shawn, we just need to divide the hours he's worked by the total number of hours the three of them worked.

[tex] \frac{14.5}{17.25+18.25+14.5}= \frac{14.5}{50}= \frac{29}{100} [/tex]

[tex] \frac{29}{100} [/tex] of the payment is therefore owed to Shawn.

Since the three friends deposited 15% of the money they earned to a joint savings account, they will only have 85% of their earnings to keep. Solving for this amount we'll get:


We then find Shawn's share by multiplying $722.50 by [tex] \frac{29}{100} [/tex].

[tex] \frac{29}{100}*722.50=209.53 [/tex]

ANSWER: Shawn received $209.53.