Calum von Moger: Former Mr Universe stable after spine injury

The management of Australian bodybuilder and actor Calum von Moger, nicknamed Arnie 2.0, has given an update on his condition.

Australian Calum von Moger, a three-time Mr Universe winner nicknamed Arnold 2.0, is in stable condition after sustaining a serious spinal injury last week.

Steve Greenberg of The Vladar Company, based in New York, said As of Thursday morning, Mr von Moger was in stable condition after undergoing spinal surgery. He also said the 31-year-old was with his family.

The Vladar company was behind the film Calum von Moger: uninterrupted and bodybuilding documentary Generation Iron 2which featured Mr. von Moger.

He is also the originator of the Generation Iron brand, which is listed as management on Mr. von Moger’s website.

In a May 6 online post, Generation Iron reported that Mr von Moger had suffered injuries and was in intensive care before the news made international headlines.

On Thursday afternoon, the Melbourne hospital caring for Mr von Moger confirmed to that he was in stable condition.

It is understood he was taken to hospital on May 4.

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Mr von Moger, who grew up in the Victoria area, has 3.2million Instagram followers and is best known for playing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 American comedy-drama. Bigger.

“I admired him all my life while I was training,” Mr Von Moger said of the terminator star at the time.

Mr. Von Moger had moved to Los Angeles in 2014 with two Mr Universe titles under his belt.

Last year in October he returned to Australia.

In a Facebook post from quarantine at a hotel in Sydney, he said he had had a difficult year – which included the death of his dog Rex – he missed Australia and was looking forward to ‘finally’ see his friends and family in Victoria.

“I know it sounds crazy, but a voice inside told me it was time to give up my freedom and life of luxury in Los Angeles and come home,” he said. writing.

Mr Greenberg also told that Rex’s death had “deeply affected” Mr von Moger.

Mr von Moger is facing charges after police allegedly found him in possession of addictive drugs, including methylamphetamine and cannabis, in Melbourne on January 31. sun herald Previously reported.

Police allege he was arrested in a vehicle without license plates “affixed or displayed in accordance with regulations” and that officers also discovered testosterone cypionate, viaplex and proviplex in his possession.

The case was adjourned to May 26.

Mr. von Monger also faces charges related to a separate alleged incident earlier this year, according to age.

Last week, Mr von Moger edited the caption to an emotional post on Instagram, which begged his fans for forgiveness.

“Everyone has a past. We have all been through difficult times. I admit that I screwed up several times. But I don’t care if I dwell on negative thoughts from the past. All I care about is learning from my mistakes and becoming a better person. I’m doing my best to stay strong, but I have my days too,” he wrote.

After learning that Mr von Moger had been hospitalized, fans rushed to social media to share messages of support.

The official Instagram account for Mr von Moger’s clothing line shared stories of fans wishing him well soon and asking people to pray for him.

Some shared photos of themselves in the gym, dedicating their session to their “inspiration”.

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