Craig McLachlan denies lewd limerick was about Rocky Horror cast member Erika Heynatz

Hodge said, “That was a little poem you wrote about Mrs. Heynatz, wasn’t it?”

McLachlan replied, “I don’t think so, no.”

The jury heard that there had been a feud between Heynatz and Whelan Browne during rocky horror because Heynatz was given a bigger box for the Perth show and Whelan Browne asked him to change.

As part of this feud, the court heard that Whelan Browne claimed that Heynatz had “man’s hands” and looked like a man.

Hodge pointed to the “size of her mitts” part of the limerick and suggested it was one of the “cruel observations” McLachlan would make about Heynatz, that “she had big hands”.

“I didn’t make that comment about him at all, no,” McLachlan said.

He argued that the poem was not about Heynatz and said he was “not the author of that particular limerick, I first heard it in London.”

“Once again, you’re just giving false testimony to this jury, aren’t you?” Hodge said.

McLachlan replied, “No, Mr. Hodge.”

Hodge: “You say you just dropped it in the text message, it wasn’t about anyone in particular.”

McLachlan: “Christie and I used to trade naughty, dirty limericks. Like I said, that’s all I really remember.


Hodge suggested McLachlan was lying to the jury when he said earlier that he never called Heynatz “c—“. McLachlan apologized and said he thought the question was whether he had ever called a woman with that word in front, which he had not.

“Oh, I see, you only use it behind a woman’s back,” Hodge said.

“No,” McLachlan said, adding that he wouldn’t use that word either in front of a woman’s face or behind her back.

Hodge: “You use that word about him in that text message.”

McLachlan: “No.”

Hodge said that when McLachlan “denied these things today, that’s just more lies, isn’t it?”

McLachlan replied, “They’re not.”

The hearing continues.

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