‘Final Fantasy 14’ players sent to in-game jail for using mods

Square Enix sent two Final Fantasy 14 players in a game prison after the two were caught using third-party modding tools.

Earlier this week (May 9), Final Fantasy 14 Director and producer Naoki Yoshida has released a new statement regarding the use of third-party tools in massively multiplayer online gaming (MMO). The message clearly states that “the use of third-party tools is strictly prohibited” and indicates that players who use them will have their account suspended or permanently banned for repeated violations.

Despite the new statement, a number of players have continued to use mods, and just this week two players who were streaming the game were taken to in-game jail by moderators for doing so ( via, Kotaku).

A player named Bagel Goose was finishing a raid with his party until he was kicked and the notice “A game master has removed you from his position” appeared on the screen. Afterwards, the streamer was teleported to a jail cell in the game and can be heard explaining the situation to their group, until a game master appears. The Bagel Goose teammate shared on Twitter that they were also suspended from Twitch for a week for “cheating in a multiplayer game”.

Another player known as Hiroro was also teleported en route to the Mordion Gaol dungeon due to using mods. Although the streamer later deleted the footage from his Twitch and YouTube channels, screenshots were recorded showing the player’s prison sentence.

A Reddit post suggests that streamers using mods have been targeted by people on the forums to get them suspended, with a message saying, “Hey, let’s see if we can get these streamers banned.”

Final Fantasy 14. Credit: Square Enix

Final Fantasy 14 mods vary in their purpose, some may be for cosmetic purposes to make the game’s HUD look different, while others are used to display useful tools in functions such as a damage meter. While these mods don’t necessarily mean players are cheating, they are still against MMO rules.

In the same statement from Square Enix on May 9, Yoshida said the team intends to overhaul the current HUD to make mods unnecessary for players.

In other news, star field and red fall have been pushed back to 2023.

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