Overwatch and World of Warcraft Down as Blizzard Deals with DDoS Issue

Update: Blizzard released a new statementindicating that the issue is now resolved.

The original post follows below:

Blizzard Entertainment reports that the company is currently experiencing a DDoS attack. As a result, game fans like Surveillance and World of Warcraft can expect to run into problems as the editor tries to get things under control. At this time, it’s unclear exactly how long these issues might persist, but fans may want to plan on spending time with other games, until the company can get the issue under control. Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to fix things, so fans can start enjoying the company’s games again!

“We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack, which may cause high latency and disconnections for some players. We are actively working to mitigate this issue,” the company said. wrote in a post on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, some fans are already sharing their frustration with this issue. Replies to Blizzard’s Tweet are filled with fans irritated by current server issues. The attack comes as many fans are home from work or school and might want to sit down and spend some time playing. Many are also disappointed with the number of DDoS attacks Blizzard has faced over the past few years and the company’s current security measures.

Of course, DDoS attacks are a sad reality of the internet age! These things tend to happen quite frequently, and it’s hard for publishers to prepare for any potential attack. For now, all Blizzard can do is try to get the situation under control as quickly as possible. Given the great popularity of Surveillance and World of Warcraft, Blizzard is unfortunately a prime target for this sort of thing. Fans will just have to wait patiently to see if the issue is resolved in a timely manner. In the meantime, readers can stay tuned to ComicBook.com, where we’ll update this post when Blizzard offers additional information about the attack.

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