Paul Gallen loss to Kris Terzievski boxing fight, video, result, judges scorecards

Paul Gallen and members of his team have reportedly kept quiet about the former NRL star’s big secret ahead of his boxing loss.

Paul Gallen’s side are rumored to have known their boxer wasn’t the boxer he was before his surprise loss on Wednesday night.

At 40, the whimsical athlete is finally showing his age.

Father Time hit like a ton of bricks on Wednesday night at the Newcastle Entertainment Center when he was beaten by Australian heavyweight champion Kris Terzievski.

Gallen thrilled the crowd with a brave fightback in the final two rounds, but the judges didn’t hesitate to hand the fight to Terzievski by unanimous decision (97-92 x 3).

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The former NSW State of Origin Champion has the heart of Phar Lap and the rest of his muscle has always been reliable enough to let that brave heart be his greatest weapon in the ring.

The heart was still there on Wednesday evening, but the muscles on which the heart rests were unfortunately missing.

Rumor has it that Gallen’s side knew the former NSW State of Origin’s muscles weren’t there some time ago.

Main Event commentator Paul Kent said before the fight that there were rumors about Gallen’s physical preparation.

“Now, with respect, Paul Gallen is almost 41 and there’s been an admission in his camp that they haven’t made it public that hand speed is starting to drop,” Kent said.

“They are worried about it. They still think he has enough to win tonight’s fight. But Terzievski has great hand speed.

Gallen did enough to earn an easy stoppage victory over former NRL star Darcy Lussick in December, but Australian boxing legend Barry Michael said on Wednesday night Gallen may never have recovered of his TKO loss to Justis Huni last year.

Every fight takes something away from you.

Huni may have taken a big chunk out of Gallen – a warhorse that had almost nothing to give to begin with.

“You have to wonder if the beatings he received from Justis Huni took anything away from him,” Michael said.

Kent summed it up by suggesting that Terzievski was actually a nightmare game for Gallen.

“He has a few advantages that are quite significant. One is his superior hand speed. The other is that he’s left-handed,” Kent said.

“Paul Gallen has always struggled with left-handers whenever he’s had to spare them. But this preparation he’s done nothing but train left-handers. He’s gotten to a point where he feels comfortable now. But there was still a period in that training camp where he struggled against southpaws.

Gallen’s speed may have let him down, but the world was still in awe of what he was able to do even with his body starting to fail him.

For Gallen, this may be the end of the road.

“I felt a little tired in the middle of the rounds…he won fairly,” Gallen said. “I am always humble in victory and humble in defeat.

“There is a saying, age is undefeated. It caught up with me.

“You don’t age between fights, you do between rounds.

“I’m not going to make decisions now (about my future). I just felt that between those rounds I couldn’t go like I normally do.

“I’ve had a great time involved in the sport…we’ll see what happens next.”

Gallen loses nothing by not becoming the first former footballer to win a national heavyweight title.

If anything, his legend grew.

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