Paul Kent quits Triple M after on-air blow-up with Anthony Maroon

Paul Kent quit Triple M after a fiery on-air outburst with commentator Anthony Maroon that the station said “went too far.”

Paul Kent has quit his job at Triple M, with the station saying he had a ‘different take’ on an on-air incident on the Sunday Sin Bin show which ‘went too far’.

Kent and Triple M released statements Thursday afternoon confirming that they had agreed to go their separate ways.

Kent said the network asked him to apologize for his role in an on-air blowup with commentator Anthony Maroon earlier this month, but he refused to do so.

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Maroon stormed out of the studio after a heated outburst with his co-hosts.

“Triple M Sydney confirms that Paul Kent has left the Sunday Sin Bin show,” a spokesperson for Triple M Sydney said in a statement.

“The events of the past few weeks regarding the Sin Bin incident have gone too far and we have called on Paul Kent to apologize. Paul has a different view and based on this has made the decision to part ways. by Triple M.

“We wish Paul the best and thank him for his contribution to Triple M’s coverage of the NRL.

“We look forward to continuing to inform and entertain Triple M listeners for the remainder of this football season and beyond.”

Kent also released a statement to The Daily Telegraphsaying he wasn’t ready to apologize.

“Triple M has asked me to apologize for the incidents that have occurred over the past few weeks,” Kent said in a statement Thursday afternoon.

“I am not ready to do this, I have already publicly stated my views on the matter.

“Based on this, I have made the decision to leave my role at Triple M. We are parting on good terms.”

What was the argument about?

The drama began when NRL reporter James Hooper joked about Maroon and the Australian Taxation Office, which the radio presenter immediately took umbrage at.

“Wait a minute, there’s breaking news here, I just got a text,” Hooper began. “Hello, this is the ATO, the Australian Taxation Office, we have an investigation.”

Maroon responded by mocking Hooper for losing his driver’s license, “I don’t have a problem with the ATO, I’m glad about it mate, but I’m just wondering when you’re going. back on the Hoops road?”

Hooper then said, “Why are you jumping like a cat on a hot tin roof?”

Maroon continued, “I’m sick of it. I asked you on air, I asked you off, I asked you to stop and now I told you I was answering. If I have to copy it every week for five years, let’s put it on the air. They are absolute *** bulls. We could have a walkout.

“Let’s carry on boys because when it comes to you three, I live a very boring life. I explode because I’m tired of dying. Now I’ve known for three years that you don’t have a license and I haven’t said anything on the air. I warned you 15 times, I don’t like this. I’ve been on the air for 32 years, I’m a professional. This particular question that I’ve probably brought up on air and off air, I don’t know, 100 times. I even emailed the powers that be…nothing. It never stops.

Hooper chimed in, “You know, the more you ask us to stop him, the funnier it gets.

Maroon finished, “Man, I don’t think that’s funny, it’s already caused me a lot of grief. I can not stand him anymore. I do not like it. I have asked over and over again for this to stop. I say here and now, I’m not even joking… I tell you what, I’ll leave you guys with that, OK.

Maroon’s response

Maroon spoke about the incident on Friday, ahead of Triple M’s coverage of Canberra’s win over the Bulldogs.

“If we have to mention it, I was a bit upset. An incident happened here last weekend,” Maroon said.

“Obviously I thought it had gone too far, so I left the studio.

“I just want to say thank you so much for the support of all the listeners who bothered to stop me on the street and wish me all the best.

“I was at a function today with the boys and received a similar welcome which was absolutely wonderful.

“Not only that, I don’t need to say it, but the management of Triple M watched over me every day and made sure I had what I needed to get through these times, which is probably why I spent most of my career here, and I’m very grateful to them.

“It’s forward and up.”

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