AFL news 2022: Umpire dissent rule slammed for inconsistency, Bulldogs vs Collingwood score

The AFL’s controversial referee dissent rule has again come under fire after some ‘ridiculous’ decisions on Friday night.

The AFL’s controversial referee dissent rule has come under renewed scrutiny following some ‘ridiculous’ rulings in Friday night’s clash between the Western Bulldogs and Collingwood at Marvel Stadium.

This week, AFL football boss Brad Scott boasted that the referees’ dissent rule was fast becoming a ‘non-issue’ in the sport, but inconsistent officiating during the ‘prank’ of Friday proved otherwise.

Early in the third quarter, Bulldogs young gun Buku Khamis threw his arms in the air after appearing to be kicked out of a tagging contest by Magpies defenseman Isaac Quaynor.

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But Khamis’ frustration only grew when the referee awarded Collingwood a 50m referee dissent penalty, handing the Magpies their third goal of the match.

“Khamis can’t believe it,” soccer icon Brian Taylor told Channel 7.

“I think it was hands up because he didn’t say anything.

“There are outstretched arms with a smile. Not much malice in the question.

Richmond great Matthew Richardson continued: “Go ahead. It’s not 50 yards.

“You have to pay them all then. It’s just ridiculous.

Former Bulldogs defenseman Lindsay Gilbee tweeted: “This rule is a serious joke.”

A similar incident also took place in the fourth quarter when Collingwood forward Jordan De Goey threw his arms in the air after tackling Josh Dunkley, only for the Bulldogs to be awarded a 50m penalty.

Several football pundits pointed out that De Goey had clearly tried to hide his disappointment from the referees, but was still nuts.

Jon Ralph of the Herald Sun tweeted: “De Goey wanted to explode but showed no real dissent. Still a 50m penalty. We had a baseline. Now it’s hard to know where we are again.

Australian cricketer Jess Jonassen said: “I’m all for the protection of umpires etc, but I’m not a fan of the 50m ‘dissent’ rule. There is a difference between abuse and players showing emotion in the moment.

ABC broadcaster Quentin Hill tweeted: “This is where this crackdown goes wrong. De Goey is showing respect by shaking his reaction. He’s still being penalized. We understand, but it’s time to adjust to overfitting.

Speaking on Fox Footy, Hawthorn legend Jason Dunstall said: “I thought De Goey in particular was a little stiff because he was about to leave and then literally harnessed himself and then stopped , but you could see initially that he was about to raise his arms.

“If you’re going to try so hard to pull out, I think you’re entitled to a little leeway.

“That’s where it’s really, really difficult.

“They give instructions to the referees, so let’s not be hard on them either. If you see the arms going up, it’s a form of dissent, but it’s hard to expect players to completely stop the emotion as soon as the whistle blows.

Former St Kilda star Leigh Montagna said: “It’s not difficult, it’s impossible. They will react.

“That’s what we want to see from players – restraint – and he brought it down to himself, he did exactly what we wanted with that rule and yet he’s still paid 50.”

Two-time Premiership player David King continued: “They’ve created another gray area in the game which is a disaster for the future.”

Meanwhile, the Bulldogs stabilized their 2022 season with a dominating 48-point win over Collingwood.

The Bulldogs remembered their Grand Final record, blowing away the Magpies with a devastating first quarter that saw them score the game’s first six goals in 19 minutes.

From there, the Pies were never within reach of the Dogs who earned a well-deserved 14.15 (99) to 7.9 (51) win after seeing a flurry early in the Pies’ final quarter which included three early goals.

The Dogs would have slipped two games behind the top eight after nine rounds had they lost to the Magpies, but there remained an outside chance to get in there at the end of the weekend.

Either way, Luke Beveridge’s men will relish their chances of breaking into the top eight halfway through the season with Gold Coast and West Coast coming up in the next two weeks.

The Bulldogs’ vaunted midfielder had underperformed for most of this year but they had no issues such as Bailey Smith (41), Adam Treloar (36), Jack Macrae (37), Tom Liberatore (30) and skipper back against Collingwood. Marcus Bontempelli (26) has accumulated 170 assignments to have a huge influence on the game.

Treloar sent another reminder to his former club of what they are missing after their controversial 2020 swap deal, scoring three goals.

— with Ronny Lerner, NCA NewsWire

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