Ellen DeGeneres final season: Sophia Grace and Rosie return after 11 years

Sophia Grace and Rosie, the singing cousins ​​who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 11 years ago, returned to the program growing up.

Ellen DeGeneres’ famous guests Sophia Grace and Rosie have all grown up, appearing on the talk show 11 years after going viral with their feisty, princess-costumed portrayal of Nicki Minaj super bass.

The British cousins, now teenagers, first appeared in an October 2011 episode after an adorable video of the little duo performing the hit – complete with its complicated rap verses – blew viewers away on YouTube .

They then enjoyed the booty of Ellen’s newfound stardom, scoring invites to the Kids’ Choice Awards and the American Music Awards, where they met Drake, Rihanna and Nicki herself.

Back to sit in the studio for a special midway through Ellen’s final season, Sophia Grace, 19, and Rosie, 15, discussed the home video that caused them an internet sensation.

Sophia Grace – who was just 8 when she made her television debut in the US – fondly recalled: “As a child, I always used to dress up, play get dressed, Rosie too.”

“I was getting dressed up and Rosie’s favorite costume was the Virgin Mary – you know, Mary and Jesus… I was there and Rosie was wearing the outfit.

“I kept singing Nicki Minaj and my aunt, Rosie’s mother, was the only one who had an iPhone. She said, ‘Why not film it? Rosie, quickly get out of the Virgin Mary outfit and put her in that outfit.'”

The images in question now have over 54 million views, with Sophia Grace and Rosie making over 30 additional appearances on the Ellen Pin up.

Reflecting on some of their favorite memories over the years, Rosie recalled getting a kiss on the cheek from Justin Bieber, and Sophia Grace gushed about meeting Drake.

The two then recreated their original super bass performance, complete with original princess-themed props.

The two teenagers went on to pursue careers in music, with Sophia Grace announcing she had a new single titled Little things. Rosie also has a debut single titled Safe in your love.

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