Kelli Ingram on why her husband’s needs trump her children’s needs.

An influencer has explained why she continues to prioritize her husband’s needs over those of her eight children.

Any parent will agree that taking care of children is enough to keep you busy even if you only have one child.

So spare a thought for Kelli Ingram who has eight kids to watch.

Kelli, 39, from South Carolina, USA, is a mother of seven daughters and one son, six biological and two adopted including Lael, 12, Ruthie, 10, Salem, 9, Faith, 7 years old, Eden, 5 years old, Shepherd, 4 years old. , Ever, two years old, and Olive, eight months old.

But despite her exceptional offspring, Kelli says her life is far from hectic – and she even has time to go on a date every week with husband Trey, 38.

Kelli insists she barely noticed the number was increasing as new babies arrived.

Addressed exclusively to The sunshe says: “My husband and I both thought we would have about four children and I thought it was a big family.

“It was just me and my sister in our family, so four seemed like a lot to me.

“By the time we got to our fourth or fifth, it didn’t really feel like much more every time we added one.”

Kelli lives on 15 acres of land with her sister and her family, and she not only takes care of the house, but is also responsible for homeschooling her children while Trey works as a real estate attorney.

But while her kids keep her busy, Kelli says household chores never leave her overwhelmed.

“The cleaning for so many children is constant and I freely admit that it is a challenge for me,” she says.

“I hired someone to come and do our laundry and that was a game changer because I had a really hard time keeping up with that.

“I have a cleaner who comes in every two weeks just to do a deep clean.”

In addition to hired help, Kelli is grateful to have a few spare pairs of hands in the form of her family.

“My older daughters are so motherly and attentive to the younger ones – of course they don’t have to take care of the younger ones, they just do it naturally,” she says.

“So when you have help from older people, it takes some of the work out of it. It was a lot of work in the beginning when they were very young.

“My husband is also very active when he comes home from work, we are a real team.”

While some parents may struggle to spend time alone with their spouse, Kelli and Trey make it a priority, admitting they put each other’s needs first.

Kelli explains, “My relationship with my husband always comes before my relationship with my kids and he would say the same about me.

“Of course we have to meet the needs of our children, but he will always fight for me.

“We have a very good marriage. We go out every week and we make it a priority to go out to eat together.

“It’s so important because one day when our kids are grown up and gone, that’s the relationship I’ll have left.”

Kelli and Trey’s life can look pretty idyllic, especially in the charming Instagram photos they share with their 43,000 followers.

But the mum admits that for every supporter they have, they are subjected to cruel comments from trolls.

She says, “The trolling we get is horrible. I constantly have to delete and block people.

“Everyone we know in real life is totally supportive and loving, so seeing how a lot of other people feel about having a big family is really disheartening.

“People are always commenting on how overpopulated the earth is and calling us irresponsible and selfish.

“But it’s like looking at someone and seeing their worth as the amount of space they take up on the earth and it’s just devastating.

“It’s not going to change the way I live my life but it’s sad.”

While Kelli might be the target of cruel trolls over her outstanding brood, she says that hasn’t deterred her from having more.

“The last few times I got pregnant it wasn’t intentional, but we were so excited,” she says.

“We still think if we didn’t have this one? We would have missed this precious little person if we had decided to stop at four for example.

“So I’m just like, ‘who else do we miss?'”

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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