Kirby 64 Is Being Added To The NSO Library For Us Orb-Loving Freaks

I ask for Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards, and now Nintendo delivers. Manifesting finally worked for me, and now I will quietly whisper to myself “a trillion dollars” every day until that happens too.

Announced today by Nintendo on its Twitter, the next game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 library is Kirby Chapter 64: The Crystal Shards, an absolute classic in the Kirby franchise.

And this time the old G-rated Kirby The game now has a US “T for Teens” rating for “Blood” and “Violence.” Maybe they added new special content where Kirby continues an incredibly bloody and violent rampage? Who knows, but I’m scared!

Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64, and it’s the first time a Kirby The game has included 3D graphics (although it’s still side-scrolling). Yes, while Kirby and the Forgotten Land was the first fully 3D Kirby Game, The crystal shards holds the title for the first time our round boy was a sphere, not a circle.

If you played and enjoyed Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and sat wanting more time with the divine pink orb, that’s probably the way to go. Although it is much easier than Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and doesn’t have as much gameplay as the Switch title, it’s still a great game!

Not only Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards having our favorite little guy Kirby in it, but it’s still pretty true to the Kirby format. New Friends For The Boy Fantastic Soundtrack Directed By Kirby music veterans Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando, ​​and all the abilities and gameplay you’d expect from a classic Kirby Game.

So when is it coming to the Nintendo Switch Online N64 library? Kirby Chapter 64: Crystal Shards will be available at the library from May 20, 2022. It’s coming soon, baby! Wow!

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