Mark Zuckerberg trolled over ‘secret VR headset’ creation

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been trolled on social media after sharing a first look at a mixed reality project, showing off a “secret VR headset”.

Mark Zuckerberg has just revealed a first look at a secret mixed reality project.

The billionaire posted a video on Facebook that shows him playing with animated creatures while wearing a new helmet, The American Sun reports.

Mr. Zuckerberg posted the video and wrote: “First look at mixed reality on our upcoming headset codenamed Project Cambria.

“This demo was created using the Presence Platform, which we designed to help developers create mixed reality experiences that blend the physical and virtual worlds.

“The demo, titled ‘The World Beyond’, will soon be available on App Lab.

“It’s even better with color passthrough and other advanced technologies that we’re adding to Project Cambria. More details soon.

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In the short clip, Mr. Zuckerberg can be seen playing with a small purple creature and joining a virtual fitness class.

The billionaire also demonstrates how you can use the headset to see Facebook Messenger floating like a virtual screen before your eyes.

Although the Facebook CEO seems proud of his creation, he may not have had the reaction he wanted.

Some people commented to say the gadget looked cool, while others criticized Mr. Zuckerberg.

“Am I the only person who thinks this could be bad for humanity,” one person wrote.

“Haven’t smartphones and social media done enough damage already?

“Now they want to completely take people out of reality. I don’t see how that would be good for mental health. »

Others wondered if Facebook and Meta Platforms had their priorities.

“Not enough people want that. There are first-person shooters built from real-world maps. Sitting down and not having a heavy weight on your head is just the default preference for most” , said one person.

Another added “You mean like a pokemon game but in 3D? 3D mixed reality isn’t easy with those big, bulky glasses…you can’t see where you’re going. An impending accident.

Others defended Zuckerberg’s video.

One person said “I don’t know why people make fun of this, it’s pretty awesome!”

This article originally appeared in The US Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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