McLachlan referred to female colleague as ‘Lucifer’ in email

He said that the terms “Lucifer” and “selfish” reflected his professional view of her at the time, in terms of conduct in the theater, and that he remained good friends with her outside of that professional view.

“This evidence…isn’t true, is it?” Hodge said.

“Yeah, that’s it,” McLachlan said.

“You’re not calling a friend Lucifer, are you okay with that?” Hodge said.

“Friends call each other all kinds of things, Mr. Hodge, especially during tough times,” McLachlan said.

As his cross-examination continued, McLachlan viewed several videos from a Channel 7 documentary he took part in last year, in which he re-enacted an allegation made against him by actress Angela Scundi.

Scundi is expected to prove that McLachlan kissed her while they were on stage and stuck his tongue in her mouth, and when she confronted him backstage he furiously stuck his finger to her face and said he would kill her.

In the Channel 7 vision, McLachlan and his wife Vanessa Scammell briefly pecked their lips as McLachlan explained that the scene would not allow him to passionately kiss a colleague.

“I wouldn’t jeopardize the job,” McLachlan said in the vision. “Some people are gonna hate me for saying that, I’m the fucking star of the show.”

Hodge then played McLachlan a recording of the actual stage scene, which showed the kiss with a different actress lingering longer than the kiss with his wife.

“It’s not a momentary kiss, is it?” Hodge said.


“It’s a kiss, Mr. Hodge, it’s not – if I may say so – a step,” McLachlan said.

When the video was replayed, McLachlan admitted that the kiss he demonstrated during the rebuild with his wife was different from what was shown in the video of the performance.

Hodge suggested what McLachlan did was lift Ms Scundi’s face during a performance “and, to use your word, pass her around and put your tongue in her mouth”.

“No, that’s not true,” McLachlan said.

He denied there was a confrontation after the song where he became aggressive and enraged and leaned on Scundi, putting his finger to his face.

“You told him ‘you’re nothing, don’t ever talk to me like that again, I’m going to kill you,'” Hodge said.

“I definitely didn’t,” McLachlan said.

Hodge suggested that McLachlan made up a fake story about how long the kiss lasted to cover up the behavior he engaged in, which he knew to be untrue.

“No, Mr. Hodge,” McLachlan said.

The hearing continues.

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