Mercy Super Jump And Changes For Baptiste And Sojourn

Although the first Monitor 2 The beta will end in just a few days, Blizzard is rolling out another balance patch to try out a few things. One of them was hinted at earlier this week in the form of making Mercy’s super jump easier.

MORE FORBESMercy’s super jump could become an official ability in ‘Overwatch 2’

This ability isn’t officially part of Mercy’s kit, but players have been using it successfully for years. The problem is that it can be tricky to get by, due to the timing and button combinations required. As part of this patch, Team 4 is attempting to officially integrate the move into Mercy’s toolset. Cancel Guardian Angel with the crouch button and she will gain vertical height.

Here is the full Monitor 2 Beta patch notes for May 12, which also include changes for Baptiste and Sojourn, along with developer comments and my thoughts.


Guardian angel

  • Can now also be canceled using the crouch key. If this key is used to cancel the ability, Mercy will be launched high into the air.

Developer Notes: This is an early implementation of a new feature designed to give Mercy players more options in how they use Guardian Angel. Some Mercy players were already able to do similar boosts using a somewhat complicated technique often referred to as a “Super Jump”. This new feature will allow all players to perform similar boosts more consistently, while the original technique is still there and remains intact.

In some ways, this new cancel boost is even stronger than the original technique, as players can do it at any time rather than requiring them to be near their target. This is just an initial implementation and we look forward to getting feedback on how to improve it.

As I wrote before, I like this move in principle. I’m glad it’s not on a cooldown and Mercy players have more control over exactly how to use Super Jump. You can still use the old school version of super jump if you prefer.


Regenerative Burst

  • Now heals 50 instantly and 50 over time, down from 100 over time. Additionally, the portion of instant healing will be doubled on targets with 50% or less health. (Please note that we are aware of an issue where this ability is not updating on the hero info screen.)
  • No longer heals Baptiste for double

Developer Notes: This change helps strengthen Baptiste as a support hero who can save allies in clutch moments. This new feature is intended to synergize with Immortality Field, allowing for faster recovery after saving his allies (or himself!) from imminent danger.

Seems like a solid team buff for Baptiste. It was feared that it would have less utility in Monitor 2 due to his teammates being more spread out (which earned him an ammo boost in the previous patch). This might encourage Bap’s teammates to stay close to their pesky healer.



  • Main fire rate increased from 13 to 15 shots per second
  • Max ammo increased from 40 to 45

Developer Notes: Sojourn has been a little weak since it was initially added to the roster. While this change doesn’t seem like a huge amount, increasing his rate of fire increases his alternate fire charge rate and ultimate gain, as well as outright increasing the raw DPS of his primary fire.

Whenever a weapon’s rate of fire changes, it also changes how quickly the weapon will empty its magazine and run out of ammo. We are increasing its ammo count to compensate for this.

New heroes will still need tweaking for a while after players first get their hands on them. It’s a decent buff that could increase Sojourn’s pick rate and could lead to her seeing her more in the Overwatch League.

This fix is ​​now available on the PC beta. The first one Monitor 2 The beta is scheduled until Tuesday, May 17 at 2 p.m. ET.

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