Nintendo Switch Sports tennis tips

Nintendo Switch Sports tennis has players swinging around their Joy-Con controllers like it’s the good old days and they hit the air with a Wii controller while playing Sports Wii. The throwback classic is undoubtedly a fan favorite among Nintendo Switch Sports players. For players looking to gain an edge in this popular two-on-two sport, here are five tips for excelling at Nintendo Switch Sports tennis.

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis Tips: Shot Speed ​​and Direction

This game’s motion controls give players good control over how and where they hit the ball Nintendo Switch Sports tennis. The speed of players’ shots naturally matches the speed of their Joy-Con swings. Swinging the Joy-Con faster will cause the player’s Sportsmate to hit the ball faster, while swinging the Joy-Con slower will result in a slower in-game shot.

Conversely, the direction of a shot does not necessarily correspond to the direction in which the player swings his Joy-Con. Rather, the direction of a shot is determined by the timing of a player’s swing. Swinging early will cause the player to hit the ball straight forward, while swinging a bit late will result in a more diagonal shot.

Even without incorporating more complex shot types, players can mix up their opponents by changing the speed and direction of their shots. To do this, players only need to adjust the speed and timing of their own swings. Players can practice these basic moves while racking up points towards Nintendo Switch Sports to unlock in the game’s offline trial mode.

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis Tips: How to Rocket Serve

The fastest way to earn points by Nintendo Switch Sports tennis is all about scoring a lot of aces or serving that the opponent fails to return. Rocket serves are the most powerful type of serve available and it will be difficult for opponents to hit back in time.

To perform a rocket serve, the player must throw their ball in the air and then wait to drop back down until the ball reaches its maximum height. If performed correctly, the Sportsmate will launch the ball at high speed with a red trail behind it. Mastering this technique is a great way to succeed in the Nintendo Switch Sports Pro League for tennis.

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis Tips: Topspins, Backspins and Lobs

A Sportsmate does a backspin in Nintendo Switch Sports tennis.

In addition to mixing up the speed and direction of basic hits, Nintendo Switch Sports tennis players can further enhance their gameplay by incorporating three types of special moves: topspins, backspins and lobs.

To perform a topspin, the player must twist their wrist towards their body as they swing. This causes the ball to gain momentum after bouncing across the court, which could cause the ball to accelerate right past an unsuspecting opponent.

On the other hand, the player can perform a backspin by twisting their wrist away from their body while performing a backspin swing. Not only will the ball bounce low after a backspin, but it can also bounce in a different direction after landing. This can make it difficult for the opponent to come back if they let it touch the ground before touching it.

Finally, players can perform a lob by starting their low swing and moving their hand towards their face. This type of shot sends the ball high in the air, ideally over the opponent’s head so they can’t return the ball directly to your side of the court.

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis Tips: Stamina and Wobbly Shots

A sportsman swings at a ball in Nintendo Switch Sports tennis.

fellow sportsmen in Nintendo Switch Sports tennis moves on its own, meaning players only have to control their characters’ swings. However, Sportsmates have a limited amount of stamina which they will deplete if they are constantly running around trying to return punches.

Players should try to hit the ball towards the edges of the court in order to force their opponent to move more and deplete their stamina. If a character has low stamina, their hits will be slow, blue-striped wonky hits that can be easily returned with a quick smash to the opposite edge.

Of course, players can also keep in mind that their opponents may try to use the same strategy against them. Therefore, if your stamina is low and you hit a wobbly shot, you should be prepared to try and counter an incoming smash from your opponent.

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis Tips: Court Differences

A grass court in Nintendo Switch Sports tennis.

There are three types of courts Nintendo Switch Sports tennis: hard, grass and clay. Players cannot choose which pitch they would like to play on online, as the type of pitch is chosen randomly at the start of the match. Therefore, players will do better if they learn how to play well on each type of court.

The most basic type of tennis arena is the pink hard court. On hard courts, balls bounce high and don’t slow down after bouncing. As a result, players may want to incorporate backspins into their game on hard courts to limit the height the balls reach after bouncing off the opposing side of the court.

On green grass pitches, balls bounce lower after hitting the ground, even though they maintain their speed. Since the ball will already be bouncing low on the opponent’s side of a grass pitch, players can use topspins to ensure the ball picks up speed after bouncing, giving the opponent little time to react to a ball in fast movement that has already bounced off the ground. .

Finally, brown clay courts slow the ball down after it bounces. Since rallies generally last longer on clay courts due to the ease of returning a slow ball, players may find themselves at risk of running out of stamina. To avoid this, it can be useful to use lob shots, as they are even slower to reach the opposing side of the field and can give the player more time to rejuvenate their Sportsmate’s stamina.

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