Photo Comparison: Rolls-Royce Phantom Facelift vs Pre-Facelift

Rolls-Royce recently gave its current-generation Phantom a facelift. As usual with the folks at Goodwood, the facelift was mild, to say the least. However, quite substantial changes have been made, even if they seem small in isolation. So we thought it best to take a look at the recently updated model, alongside its predecessor.

Most of the new updates relate to the choice of materials inside the car, as well as new art gallery options. However, since we haven’t sat inside the new Phantom yet, we can’t test them yet. So we’ll just take a look at how the new car looks, compared to the pre-facelift car.

Up front, there are really only three main changes worth noting. The new car features an aluminum horizontal bar that spans the top of the famous Pantheon grille, which may seem like a minor update, and it is, but it makes the grille look better. The vertical grille bars are also now illuminated, like the Rolls-Royce Ghost. Additionally, Rolls has also laser etched a starlight design into the inner bezels of the headlights, mimicking the starlight headliner inside the car.

roll royce phantom facelift comparison 830x830

The only other interesting exterior changes are the wheel options. Previously, Rolls-Royce wheel options were always pretty bland. Now, however, it gets a very sporty 3D-milled stainless steel wheel option that looks surprisingly sporty for any Rolls-Royce model, let alone a Phantom. There’s also a killer disc wheel, reminiscent of classic rollerblades and available in polished metal or black lacquer finish. That last one is probably awesome.

Rolls Royce Phantom Facelift 28 of 45 830x553

Inside, the steering wheel has been made a bit thicker as more Phantom customers buy their cars to drive, not be chauffeured, and the thicker wheel feels better in the hand, apparently. Some updates have also been made to the art gallery and how customers can create different custom artworks.

Overall, this new Rolls-Royce Phantom isn’t completely changed or updated, it just has a few subtle tweaks here and there. However, these subtle tweaks actually make a difference and Rolls customers will likely appreciate what has been changed.

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