Power star Jeremy Finlayson reveals his partner Kellie’s battle against an inoperable tumour

Soccer star Jeremy Finlayson reveals his partner Kellie’s secret battle with cancer after being diagnosed with an inoperable tumor the size of a tennis ball following the birth of their baby girl

  • The former GWS swingman joined Port Adelaide out of season
  • It was a move intended to bring his partner Kellie closer to their family
  • They hid a terrible secret, she battled bowel cancer
  • The couple finally revealed their battle and the abuse they also committed

The joy beaming on Jeremy Finlayson’s face as he scored five goals to lead Port Adelaide to a crucial AFL win over the Western Bulldogs last weekend was palpable.

His happiness wasn’t limited to football, with rookie Power revealing to the Herald Sun for the first time the behind-the-scenes ordeal his young family faced and the miracle that kept them together.

Last year should have been a highlight for Finlayson. He was playing AFL football with GWS and his partner Kellie had given birth to a baby girl.

Power star Jeremy Finlayson reveals his partner Kellie was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor the size of a tennis ball just after the birth of their baby

He applied to be traded to Brisbane or Adelaide so they could be closer to family and landed with Port Adelaide, the 2021 preliminary finalists. Life should have been good.

However, Kellie was in pain and was going to the bathroom more often than usual. It was initially dismissed by medical professionals as postpartum complications, until they realized she had cancer.

Kelli had a tennis ball-sized tumor lodged in her intestine where it could not be safely surgically removed. Speeches of “we will heal you” quickly turned into “we will try to heal you”.

It has turned the couple’s world upside down, but Finlayson continues to attend practice and games, unsure what news awaits him tomorrow.

‘I don’t remember going home that night from the hospital, it was crazy,’ Finlayson revealed after Kellie was fitted with a colostomy bag and told her she was officially diagnosed. of a cancer.

Port Adelaide and the extended communities of GWS have wrapped their arms around the young family, while keeping their ordeal a secret.

Finlayson was also facing public anger from angry Port fans who linked the new signing’s arrival to the Power’s horror start to the 2022 season. Many comments still remain online.

“It’s a sad day when Jeremy Finlayson’s team wins,” it read.

“Identifying the port and then chasing Jeremy Finlayson as the player they wanted is mind boggling,” said another.

“We let Jeremy Finlayson score 3 goals. Just bend the club, bury it in the ground and salt the dirt so nothing can ever grow back,’ an angry West Coast Eagles fan tweeted.

The couple revealed that the situation had gotten worse, with both facing savage abuse and even death threats for ruining multis.

With surgery out of the question, Kellie had to be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, while carrying the colostomy bag. An already small woman, her weight dropped from 76 kg to just 53 kg.

Finlayson admits he collapsed in front of club officials and his teammates due to stress.

However, through anger, confusion, fear and despair, the young couple continued with treatment after treatment, hoping for a miracle. Until he comes.

The couple were beginning to feel hopeless, especially after another patient in Kellie’s ward who was undergoing the same treatment saw his tumor double in size.

However, in March this year, a doctor came into Kellie’s room with the latest scans which showed there was no tumor left to treat. She was healed.

Although her ordeal is not over – Kellie still needs ongoing chemotherapy and will have her bowel removed in June – her chances of survival are almost certain.

Life was also tough on the pitch, with the Power dropping to five straight losses to start their season before recording three straight wins to get back in the running.

Life was also tough on the pitch, with the Power dropping to five straight losses to start their season before recording three straight wins to get back in the running.

The pair credited footy with helping Finlayson cope.

“My head was nowhere to be honest. But I had to put on a shield and a soldier,” he said.

“The port was amazing. They said if I needed time off, take it. And there was the support of the Giants. Leon Cameron called, along with a few boys. I don’t think I really played the first round.

Kellie added: “If it hadn’t been for the football, Jezz couldn’t have escaped the shit show we were living in the four walls of our own home.”

It’s no coincidence that news of Kellie’s tumor disappearing happened around the same time Finlayson caught fire on the soccer field.

The world is his oyster again. He has a new football club that has found a way to win again. But more importantly, his partner and mother of his child won the toughest fight.

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