Abandoned Apps Policy continues to remove apps

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The controversial policy of abandoned applications continues to give rise to discussion. After Google also adopted a very similar policy, it is currently estimated that around 1.5 million apps disappear for both systems.

According to the calculations of the reports, this represents almost a third of the total number of applications available.

Context of the situation

Although, scanning and deleting apps that haven’t been updated is a practice that Apple has been doing for quite some time. For example, the company reported a similar situation in 2016. However, in that year it was a removal of applications that did not meet the current functions of the system.

Apple today notified several app developers of the upcoming process. Removal of outdated or non-functional apps will begin on September 7 for all App Store categories. Notice of this purge is stipulated within 30 days of the warning email, although they may also claim to present an update that protects the app from that same email. Note that applications that force blocking on opening will be automatically deleted.

Consequently, and according to the aforementioned stipulations, the elimination of 50,000 applications has already been carried out. Meanwhile, Apple shut down warnings on this issue a month ago. The notifications were based on an email from the company titled “Application Improvement Notice.” As part of this notice, “not updated” apps have been notified of possible removal from the App Store for a long time.

Deletion conditions

Despite the complaints of developers in this situation, because there are applications that continue to comply with standards and do not require an immediate update, the purge that will continue is inevitable. This caused Apple to expand the terms under which removal would take place to be more specific about which apps were removed. In addition to extending the protection period of the application

Apple, in an effort to improve the App Store, notified developers of this event stating: applications that have not been updated for more than three years and have not had the minimum number of downloads required within 12 months I will receive an identification by email.

Note that this isn’t the first time the company has done this purge, so complaints about the “new policies” simply won’t be heard. This process is just a warning to developers of a policy that was already in place.

Discontinued apps and impact of this policy

Recently, the calculation of likely applications to disposal has already been done. CNET reported. Surprisingly Sensitive Apps They represent a third of the total. This combining the two systems, both App Store and Play Store. According to Pixalate, which is an analytics firm, Apple’s number of abandoned apps is 650,000, while Google still had 869,000.

According to this report, updated apps are much more. About 60% were updated within a period not exceeding two years. This amount represents approximately 3.1 million applications. Naturally, the apps that have the most updates are the most downloaded or the ones that do so continuously, at 84%.

It’s not exclusive to smartphones, as many apps are disappearing from the Apple Watch as well. However, in such a case, the problem is that the developers completely abandon the project. For example, Uber which is a famous brand that disappeared from the Apple Watch. Uber and Twitter, Instagram, Hulu, Evernote, Trello, among many other companies that left their apps for this device.

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