Review vs Swans 2022 – Dustin Fletcher Hangar

Luckily, it was only 2:21 p.m.…

Why are we the only team in the league who are still “confused” with their game plan and have no idea how to execute it? We are an embarrassing ■■■■■■■, the circus chimps could run the club better than the incompetent ■■■■■■■■ who are currently in charge.

We still can’t do the basics well, can’t kick, can’t tackle or apply pressure, can’t defend the transition, can’t lock the ball inside the forward 50 . We’re not even close to being run like a professional football club. It’s laughable.
No wonder Luke Parker rid us of ■■■■ before,
that’s what we’ve been reduced to too, a punching bag for fans and opposition players, because we don’t have any respect in this competition and to be honest, we don’t deserve any.

I was disappointed last week when we won because it would take the pressure off and there would be no reason for us to get hammered online and in the media.

We need to hit rock bottom to force mass change, and if that requires being beaten by Carlton in the 150th anniversary game and an angry mob to show up for practice and get mean, so be it. .

It’s a shame that Sydney didn’t kick straight tonight because 58 points is flattering! We should have lost by 90+

Honestly, just ■■■■ all off, including Sheedy, Wellman & Madden.


Another embarrassing chapter in an utterly pathetic season from a tasteless team. Not much else to say really, I can’t remember being less enthusiastic about a team from Essendon.

Please finish this damn season already


■■■■■■■ referees

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30 tackles…

■■■■■■■■ 30 !!!


Nathan buckley – the Swans haven’t played much against tonight… sums it all up


The team lacks confidence.

give me pepper powell to break some oars in midfield please

I wish that weren’t the case. We deserved to be pumped tonight. Sorry, but we did.


The margin absolutely flattered us…

North has yet to lose such a bad match, it should have been 120 pts, and I wish it was, I really mean it.


30 tackles fkn. The worst defensive midfielder in the competition. Parish 1 tackle with some of his other buddies. Compare with a Crouch or a Steele


I think Heppell is going to retire. If he is a man.


Don’t get me wrong, it was a 100 point belt. Sydney has just had a horrible night in front of goal.

I have never seen more undisputed marks taken down the hall than tonight by Swans. Absolutely disgusting.

We have so many problems. A huge amount of change is needed.


One random thing that’s been ■■■■■■■ me for years is the lack of forward pressure. Teams simply waltz the ball off our baseline. Why can’t we ever win saves in our F50 and lock it in our half? It’s literally rinse and repeat every time.


Happy cheering cheers the boys after a 10 goal loss. This is the important thing.

Don’t blame the Swans for not giving Heppell a guard of honor in his 200th, either.


I don’t think… he’ll still be here in 2 years

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