Royal Family: The meals Kate Middleton and Prince William always order down the pub are charmingly normal

Members of the royal family have different lives than the average Brit in many ways, but they are still British. Just like the rest of us, they go to the pub for a pint and a bite to eat on occasion. In particular, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been spotted in a number of pubs across the UK and it looks like there are certain things you’ll always catch them ordering.

The Duke and Duchess have caught the eye of several owners over the years, ranging from before their wedding to a naughty night out. One thing that is quite interesting is that the pair definitely have their refreshments and snacks of choice.

While living in Anglesey just after getting married in 2011, the couple were regulars at the White Eagle in Rhoscolyn. They would go to pub quiz nights and come for a meal while William served as a helicopter pilot for the search and rescue services.

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The pair aren’t afraid of a bite to eat

A member of staff said of the couple’s food choices that William enjoyed ‘our homemade burgers and fries’ while ‘Kate used to order mostly ‘fish and salads’. He also said the prince was a bitter drinker, while Kate opted for white wine or sparkling water.

This appears to be similar to reports from other places they have eaten. At the Crown Inn in Norfolk, the couple were spotted on an impromptu date. Kate reportedly ate something light like a salad, while William opted for a heavier dish.

The White Eagle was one of the couples regular pubs

Kate also reportedly drank sparkling water, showing that even though she became a Duchess and a mother twice, old habits die hard. Their meal selection also seems to be exactly what you’d expect, with the prince enjoying a hearty, meaty burger and Kate having something lighter.

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