Sony to distribute Bloober’s new games, possibly includes Silent Hill

Indie horror developer Bloober Team recently signed a “significant distribution agreement” with Sony Interactive Entertainment for its upcoming games, and Silent Hill may be included.

Bloober Team has secured a global distributor for its new games and it’s one of the best in the business: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The developer is currently work on four projects including a new game with Konami (assumed to be Silent Hill), a new Layers of Fear, a project funded by Take-Two Interactive’s Private Division label, and a project with Rogue Games. Sony may distribute a handful of these games both digitally through the PlayStation Store/PS Plus and through physical retail channels.

Polish financial website Banker at the announcement:

“The Board of Directors of Bloober Team SA with registered office in Krakow (hereinafter referred to as “the Issuer”) informs that today the Issuer has entered into an important licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC for the distribution of the issuer’s selected titles in the new distribution system.The Issuer will communicate the details, including publication dates, in separate current reports.

“In the opinion of the Issuer, the sale of the securities will have an impact on the financial results of the Issuer for 2022 and the following periods.”

In his recent income reportsBloober Team notes that these new games will be the “biggest productions” the studio has never done and the games will stand out from previous offerings.

Here is what Bloober said in a March 2022 report:

“Keeping all the features that set our previous productions apart, including the clearly outlined psychological thread, the company intends to introduce many other gameplay-enhancing elements: more action, expanded exploration, and tactical combat.

“The projects prepared will be the biggest productions the company has undertaken so far, defined as ‘AAA’ (in the horror genre).

“Their implementation makes us proud, but the Company wants the games created by its development teams to be recognizable not only for their high quality, but also for a unique approach to the subject for the brand. In 2022, the Company also plans to become more involved in the recognition of the Bloober Team brand and to systematize the employment and work strategy in accordance with the principle that the employee is the company’s greatest asset.”

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