Sophia Grace & Rosie Recreated Super Bass On The Ellen Show

Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McLelland (aka Sophia Grace & Rosie) recreated their iconic performance of ‘Super Bass’ in Nicki Minaj 11 years after the OG video. Truly the end of an era.

Back in 2011, eight-year-old Sophie Grace and five-year-old Rosie went viral for a YouTube video of them performing “Super Bass” in matching pink princess dresses and tutus.

It’s really had the internet in a bottleneck ever since.

I will simply never achieve the level of impeccable vibe that Sophia Grace had in her performance. It’s what I try to aspire to every time I do karaoke and then, of course, I fail miserably.

The singing duo then appeared on Ellen’s show or Ellen Degeneres pulled out Ms. Nicki Minaj herself. Feast your eyes on this inimitable piece of internet history.

Since it was published on the official website Ellen Show 11 years ago, YouTube had over 146,000,000 views and 910,000 likes.

We’re talking about “Charlie Bit My Finger” levels of YouTube nostalgia here.

The duo – who are now 19 and 15 – have returned to the hallowed halls of Ellen’s show to perform ‘Super Bass’ one last time.

ICYMI is the last season of Ellen’s show. There were also a host of allegations that it was a toxic workplace.

So if you’re going out, why not go out with an encore to one of the show’s most iconic moments?

On the show, Sophia Grace and Rosie recreated the rap. They also spilled tea on the OG video.

Apparently, before filming it, Rosie was actually dressed as the Virgin Mary before her mother made her change.

Honestly, I think that’s the only thing that could have made the video more iconic.

According to Rosie, her favorite moment after going viral was getting a little peck on the cheek from justin bieber at the Kids’ Choice Awards.

“Obviously at the time I was like ‘yes, boy, he kisses me on the cheek’. And now I’m like ‘oh my God, I would definitely let Justin Bieber kiss me on the cheek again'” , she said.

Sophia Grace highlighted the reunion Duck on the Grammys red carpet. She also recalled meeting Nicki Minaj during Ellen.

“The biggest memory is obviously Nicki Minaj coming out. Those doors there, when they opened, I literally looked in every direction except the one she was coming out of,” Sophia Grace said.

“When I finally saw her, it was chaos.”

They are also both pursuing careers in music. Good for them! Go queens.

There you have it: your absolute nostalgic trip of the day. Next, we’ll see a live-action “Potter Puppet Pals.”

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Image: The Ellen Show

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