UK pub owner baffled after being asked to change name by Vogue magazine

A pub owner in the UK were left baffled after receiving a letter from the world’s biggest fashion magazine.

The owner of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall, was rather amused when he opened a letter sent by the publication asking them to change the name of the pub.

vogue magazine publisher Condé Nast said the name could “cause trouble”.

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The village pub has been asked to change its name by Vogue magazine
The owners of the Star Inn at Vogue, Cornwall, were rather amused when they opened a letter from Vogue. (Tripadvisor)

The contents of the letter were revealed by the BBC and reportedly read “We are concerned that the name you are using may cause problems because, as far as the general public is concerned, a connection between your business and ours is likely to be inferred.”

Pub owner Mark Graham said BBC he thought the move was “heavy”.

“I thought they were being a bit bossy, so I thought I’d send them a letter back – being that bossy too.”

“Please let us know what area of ​​business your company is marketing/intends to market, and if you will be changing your company name to avoid issues.”

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In his return letter, Graham responded by telling Condé Nast that Vogue Village had existed for 200 years, along with the pub for around 150 years.

He explained that the name of the pub was a reflection of the village itself.

Graham jokingly argued that Madonna released a hit song called “Vogue” in 1990 and said she didn’t ask the Village for permission either.

Graham responded to Condé Nast saying that the village of Vogue had existed for 200 years (British Vogue)

Condé Nast has since withdrawn their request saying that after “further research” they “did not need to send such a letter on this occasion”.

In Condé Nast’s response to Graham, the company also expressed gratitude for his response and said it looked forward to hearing more about his business.

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The publication explained that their team regularly monitors the use of the Vogue name and was subsequently alerted by Companies House.

The letter read: ‘You are quite right to note that further research by our team would have identified that we did not need to send such a letter on this occasion.’

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