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It’s been several months since we really heard from Fenix ​​regarding its A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, that period of silence has well and truly lifted with Aamir posting a full update. In the post, he revealed what the team was working on, new previews and the price of the planned Airbus plane.

In his detailed article, Aamir paints a picture of the “living” of this aircraft. Over the development period since we last heard from the team, Fenix ​​has added many immersive details and features.

A said example is the real-time boarding that will take place. By combining SimBrief and the onboard EFB, you will be able to simulate ground operations such as refueling and boarding, provided the conditions are right. “Be sure to turn on no smoking signs and turn off seat belts for that one, airlines tend to be specific on these things. These things, however, are considerations you haven’t necessarily made before.

It goes a step further, including the ability to send messages to your hijacking operations center and also real-time disembarkation. Of course, those who don’t want these features can easily disable them through the EFB.

Other interesting tidbits in Aamir’s post include that the Fenix ​​A320 has flap shake, a fully modeled and proper cabin (with dynamic seatbelt panels), and over 180 liveries. Speaking of liveries, each livery has been configured (to the best of their knowledge) to include correct back-up gear. It’s true, equipment can change on the fly.

Based on feedback since the initial announcement, the team has now added Mean Time Between Failure modeling. Here is Aamir explaining:

“Engineering data is used to determine approximate failure rates and apply that probability to your flight. Since some have expressed concern, we’ve also made it a little more accessible and fun for those in you who want to dive into it – and you can choose a myriad of configurations, such as
such as failing only the elements that will allow you to continue to your final destination, or failing any component, including the main ones. Do you want a realistic failure rate using the data, or do you prefer a fast track version where things have a higher probability of happening because reality is boring? Or, you know, nothing at all because you’re on VATSIM and both engines blow up (we promise that won’t happen) is slightly inconvenient. Whatever the combination, there is an option to suit.

For the curious, Aamir talked about the systems and how what they have now provides a great base. In his post he said,“The A320 received a good amount of systems and flight models during the beta period. While the feature set was complete, fixing some system behaviors in this incredibly complex fly-by-wire aircraft forced , at times cascading system changes up and down the plane – which made finding and fixing bugs a difficult task.And while it’s not super flashy or interesting, I’m Glad to say things now look stable and representative, and will serve as an excellent foundation for us to move the aircraft forward into the next phase of its journey, post-launch and beyond, where we intend to support solidly and continue to improve the product to make it even better.

Another area covered in detail was the sound pack. The entire sound suite is completely dynamic, which means opening doors, windows and other factors impact the volume and what you hear. “You will even hear the Ground Power Unit. Yes, it has its own sound. And yeah, I have no idea what we were thinking, but it’s not all noise. The sound actually changes depending on
the charge demanded of him.

As for the price, Aamir confirmed that the Fenix ​​A320 will sell for £49.99 (including tax).

No release date has been shared yet, but Aamir said: “consider the launch marketing has started now. I’ll see you all very soon. We will follow closely and share more details soon. You can read Aamir’s full post on the Fenix ​​blog.

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