Neil Patrick Harris’ ‘vile’ Amy Winehouse cake: Photo

The proof that the internet never forgets… An offensive photo from 11 years ago has come back to haunt Neil Patrick Harris. WARNING: disturbing

Social media watchdogs are biting Neil Patrick Harris for a photo posted 11 years ago, which recently resurfaced online and shocked fans once again.

A photo taken at his Halloween party in 2011 showed a dish he was serving that was labeled “The Corpse of Amy Winehouse,” BuzzFeed reported. The photo, which was deleted shortly after it was posted by Justin Mikita, showed a Winehouse lookalike appearing bloodied and mangled.

The “Rehab” singer died just three months before Halloween at the age of 27.

Writer Ashley Roseau tweeted this week about the 48-year-old’s misguided dish how I Met Your Mother the star’s party, which immediately went viral.

“I can’t believe how many very online people over the age of 25 are discovering Neil Patrick Harris’ Amy Winehouse disgusting cake right now,” read the tweet from Reed, who has since changed his account to private.

“Yes, Neil Patrick Harris literally had a cake imitating Amy Winehouse’s corpse for Halloween shortly after she died. Since then I hate this man,” reads his second tweet.

Fans were disgusted by the reappeared photo and shared their thoughts with the Twitterverse. The incident was also shared with a Reddit follower for anonymous gossip blogger Deuxmoi, where users discussed Harris’ misconduct.

“Yeah I had no idea he did this freakish thing until the other day and I have no respect for this person anymore,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another added“Society is way overdue for a discussion of how Amy Winehouse was treated in the early 2000s and 2010s by the celebrity misogynistic media machine and the people who were its captive audience. The damn corpse cake of Neil Patrick Harris is just the tip of the iceberg.

“What’s wrong with Neil Patrick Harris?” It’s so disturbing,” a cake reviewer commented.

“I can no longer enjoy a ‘series of unfortunate events’ on @netflix, and any of his other projects, because I just found out that Neil Patrick Harris ordered a corpse cake from Amy Winehouse for a Halloween party. Sub-human behavior”, one said.

More comments from shocked viewers poured in from the SubReddit, with one writing, “Wtf I didn’t expect the cake to be so graphic this is so sick.” Another Reddit user replied, “WOW. It’s so inappropriate. My jaw dropped.”

“What in real f**k!? Can’t believe I had no idea and I love celebrity gossip. This is absolutely despicable,” one user noted. “I am literally nauseous right now after seeing this. So fake and in bad taste,” wrote another.

The Post has reached out to Harris’ rep for comment.

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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