The Callisto Protocol Dev Reveals Monster; Teases Imminent News

A new look at The Callisto Protocol has been revealed, featuring a new monster from the game. For the uninitiated, The Callisto Protocol is a brand new sci-fi horror game from Striking Distance Studios, a studio founded by Glen Schofield. Schofield is best known for being the creator of Dead Space and his work on the Call of Duty series after founding Sledgehammer Games. Now Schofield is returning to his roots in the horror genre to create a new game with the team behind PUBG. There are still a lot of unknown things about this game, but it looks like more news is coming very soon.

Glen Schofield took to his Twitter to post a picture of a new monster from The Callisto Protocol. Schofield also teased that fans should expect some news next week. At the moment it is unknown what news could arrive, but considering that we are about to enter the summer season with many games, it would not be surprising if we soon get more concrete information about the game It seems likely that we’ll get a trailer, release date, or some sort of gameplay demo very soon. Until now, the game has been shrouded in mystery. The only real information we have is that the game takes place on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto, and takes place in a prison that has been overrun by aliens. The game is expected to release in 2022, but given that we haven’t had an update for a while, it’s not impossible that it got delayed.

Ideally, the game will be released before EA’s remake of dead space, because they’re both sci-fi horror games and neither publisher would want to cannibalize each other. The teases Schofield has been sharing over the past few months have only gotten horror fans excited, because it sounds absurdly crude and terrifying. Only time will tell if it can compare to the Dead Space series, but it looks like it has the potential!

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