The Sonos Ray is one affordable yet powerful soundbar for your TV

Sonos has always been a known manufacturer of premium audio devices. However, they are never so affordable as the prices are always in the upper range.

Not many people noticed, but the company actually raised the prices of its products last year. This is understandable because the consumer market is still struggling. Items under $200 are not that cheap, but quite affordable for most people.

Designer: Sonos

Sonos’ latest product, the Ray Speaker, can be had for $279. It’s already reasonably priced, but it’s not yet available on the market on June 7th. The Sonos Ray soundbar offers an enhanced audio experience from the usual built-in TV speakers. Moreover, it can be wireless with WiFi connectivity which means you can stream your favorite songs or podcast episodes from different media apps.

With multi-room playback capabilities, the Sonos Ray can also work with other Sonos speakers. Such a setup may sound better and provide a fuller surround sound experience. The soundbar also works with Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2, and many other related apps. It’s wireless, but you can use it with a cable.

The Sonos Ray soundbar lets you enhance your music, TV and gaming experiences with stronger bass and crisper dialogue. Expect more balanced sound and flexibility, especially if you want a multiroom or surround sound system.

Sonos says this little standalone soundbar is ready to blow your mind. It’s ready to deliver more robust and clear sound than ever before. It’s stereo sound only, but the custom acoustics allow the high and mid frequencies to harmonize. Exclusive anti-distortion technology produces perfectly weighted bass.

The sound bar is ideal for your TV as it allows you to enjoy surround sound. It makes you feel like you’re center stage with the sounds and dialogue all around you. What enhances the audio are advanced processing and split waveguides that project sound from wall to wall.

The Sonos Ray soundbar is sleek and slim, so it can be hidden away if you don’t want to see any clutter. Not that it’s an eyesore, but you can keep things neat and tidy, especially with electronics that tend to get cluttered with wires. This thing works with a compatible app and can work effectively with most TVs and PCs when you want to enhance your gaming experience.

How can Sonos keep the price low if the features are almost premium? Well, it offers less audio bandwidth because it uses optical audio instead of HDMI. The latter is available in Sonos Arc and Sonos Beam, which is why they are more expensive. It only offers Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround and Stereo PCM. They are already quite good but not Dolby Atmos level. There’s no microphone, so you can’t “talk” to Google or Alexa.

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