The University of Western Ontario has {a wide selection of various|an extensive selection of|many different} {areas of study available|fields of study that are available|subjects of study} {for undergraduate degrees|to undergraduate students|in undergraduate degree programs}. Students {are able to study|can choose to pursue|can pursue} {17 types|the 17 kinds|17 different types} of undergraduate degrees{, three|, including three|. There are three} {different types of degrees,|kinds of degrees:|different kinds of degrees,} Honors Bachelor, four-year Bachelor{, three-year| and three-year| Three-year} Bachelor.

The University of Western Ontario delivers programs that are {typically|usually|generally} modules {in the faculties of|within faculties of|offered by faculties like} Arts and Humanities, Science and Social Sciences{,|| and Social Sciences,} {as well as more structured|in addition to more formal|and more structured} {programs such as|courses like|programmes like} Engineering {and|as well as} Nursing.

The {module design of Western’s|Western’s module-based|modular design of Western’s} undergraduate degrees {offers students incredible|gives students amazing|provides students with incredible} flexibility{ and allows them to|, and lets them| and lets them} {expand their field of study|broaden their study|extend their learning} {through the ability to include|by allowing them to incorporate|by the possibility of incorporating} {courses offered by different|courses offered by various|classes offered by different} {departments, schools and faculties|faculties, departments, and schools|faculties, faculties, and departments}.

The {university also offers|school also offers|university also provides} {a diverse selection of|an array of|various} degrees that {can be earned|are able to be obtained|you can earn} {at the same time|simultaneously}{, especially| particularly| and in particular,} in the following {fields|areas}: Engineering and Business, Kinesiology, Food and Nutrition, Media, Information and Technoculture{, law, to name| and law to mention| as well as law, just to name} {a few|some|just a few}.

Scholarship Description:

  • Host University: University of Western Ontario;
  • Host Country:Canada;
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding;
  • Study Level: Undergraduate Level;
  • Scholarship Worth: 300$ – 2,000$;
  • Subjects {available|that are available}:All Subjects;
  • Eligible Countries:International Student
  • {Application Deadline|Deadline for applications|Deadline for application}: The Scholarship is open.

{The|It is the} International Student Scholarships is now {available for International and Undergraduate|open to International and Undergraduate|available to international and undergraduate} {Students in all subjects|students in all disciplines|Students of all subjects} {to have the opportunity|to be able|who wish} to {pursue their studies|study|continue their studies} {at|in|through} {the|University Western Ontario.|The} University Western Ontario, Canada.

Students {will participate interactively|are able to participate in a lively|can participate actively} and in {an exciting|a stimulating|an engaging} {environment, where they will|atmosphere, where they can|setting, where they} {interact with a diverse range|engage with a variety|be able to interact with a wide range} of scholars, {developing|making|forming} {lifetime connections and creating|lasting connections and forming|relationships that last a lifetime and building} intellectual {relationships|connections|bonds}. The {university administrators|administrators of the university|administrators of the University} at Western {offer unlimited possibilities|provide endless opportunities|have endless possibilities} for{ their|} {students to explore|learners to discover|pupils to investigate}.

The {selected applicants|applicants who are selected|successful applicants} {are eligible to be awarded|can be eligible for|are eligible to receive} {a tuition grant from|an amount of tuition grants ranging from|the tuition grant of} {$300 to $2,000|$300-$2,000}.

{Eligibility requirements|The eligibility requirements for applicants|Conditions for eligibility}:

  • {Prizes are given according to|The awards are awarded based on|Awards are presented based on} {academic excellence, innovative|academic excellence, ingenuity|the academic excellence of students, their innovative} and {productive thinking, and|creative thinking, as well as} {school activities;|school-related activities.}
  • Candidates {are required to have|must have|must possess} {a secondary school diploma and|an official secondary school diploma as well as|an elementary school diploma and} {a good academic record;|an excellent academic record.|an academically strong record.}
  • {In order to be|To be|To be considered} {eligible for this scholarship,|qualified for this scholarship,|eligible for this scholarship} applicants must {be pursuing|be working towards|pursue} {an undergraduate degree|the undergraduate program|their undergraduate studies} {at|in|within} Western University. {Once confirmed, students may|After confirmation, students can|Once they have been confirmed, they can} {proceed|be eligible|begin} {to apply for the scholarship|in applying for this scholarship|into applying to the award}.

{Required documents|Documents required|The documents required are}:Candidates are required to {present their original official grades|submit their official transcripts|provide their original official grade}{, a passport copy| along with a passport photo| as well as a passport image} and an essay{,|} {as well as a submission|along with a letter|and a report} {from their school|by their institution|at their schools}.

Language Conditions:

{For those whose primary|For those whose first|If your primary} language is {other than|not|different from} English{, one of the| One of the| The} {following|below} acceptable English {language proficiency tests|tests for proficiency in English|test for language proficiency} {will be|is} {required: IELTS, TOEFL|required: TOEFL, IELTS|needed: TOEFL, IELTS}{, PTE Academic, MELAB| PTE Academic, MELAB, PTE Academic| PTE Academic, MELAB}{, CanTEST, and| CanTEST,| IELTS, CanTEST and} CAEL.

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